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Java (Java Agent, Installation, JVM, and Controller Installation)

Limiting machine agent memory utilization

New Member

Limiting machine agent memory utilization

Hi Team,


Could someone help me with limiting the memory utilized by AppDynamics machine agent to 100MB. I tried starting the machine agent with Xms and Xmx parameter like below, but that did not help in limiting the memory used by machine agent.

nohup java -jar /appdynamics/machine-agent/machineagent.jar -Xmx100m -Xms64m &




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Limiting machine agent memory utilization

Has there been any response or solution provided to this?
Community Manager



I found some documentation.

 That states this:

The lightweight Standalone Machine Agent consumes minimal resources of your computer.

AppDynamics recommends the following additional Heap and PermGen space to accommodate the agent:

  • Maximum heap size (-Xmx): 100 MB
  • Maximum PermGen heap size (-XX:MaxPermSize): 20 MB

Looks similar to what you tried, but perhaps it may help.

Ryan, AppDynamics Community Manager

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Make sure you pass the options before specifying the jar. e.g.:

$ java -Xmx100m -Xms64m -jar /appdynamics/machine-agent/machineagent.jar

Instead of

$ java -jar /appdynamics/machine-agent/machineagent.jar -Xmx100m -Xms64m