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Moved Java Nodes are not getting reflected

Hello, I am new to AppDynamics and still exploring AppD. We recently got a request to move some Java nodes to a different application as per the new hierarchy. We moved all the nodes under their respective tiers in the AppD UI but the nodes are still not getting reflected under the new application. Any suggestions as to what could be the problem here?

AppDynamics Team

Hi Shaheen,

Thank you for reaching out to the AppDynamics Community.

Could you please tell us how you are specifying node/tier/app name for your application. You probably need to change it there to reflect in controller UI.

You may need to change configurations on controller-info.xml/ using startup parameters and restart the JVM.


Let us know if you have further questions.




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Thanks for your response Megha.


Ours is a SaaS tenant for AppD. We created the destination application and three tiers (appserver, webserver, and dbserver) manually in the UI. We are moving the nodes via the UI and selecting the names from the drop-down list.


We moved more than 10 nodes yesterday, out of which only two are getting reflected under the new hierarchy.