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JMX metric not visible in Metric browser


We have enabled all the default JMX metric collection in the configuration like, kafka, tomcat, weblogic, PMi, cassandra,etc., But when very limited metrics are available under Metric Browser. 

Only JVM --> classes, garbage collection, memory, threads are visible.  None of the above. 

Why is it so? We are more interested in looking at Tomcat related JMX metrics. 

Your inputs are much appreciated. 





Look at the JMX MBean browser to confirm the metrics exist.  If they do, look closely at the MBean name and compare with the JMX definition.  I know there are some complaints on StackOverflow about sometimes seeing the domain Tomcat and sometimes Catalina.  If the AppD config expects Catalina but it's actually Tomcat or vice versa, you won't see anything in the metric browser.  You would need to change or duplicate/change the JMX config.

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