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How to install proxy to communicate with controller ?? any documentation available.

My production servers are not exposed to internet, so planning on communicating to contoller through proxy. ALL i can find is reverse proxy documentation can i follow the same steps or any diff documnetation available for it.

i am trying to implement something like below

javaagent -- > proxy --> controller.


AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hi Srirathan,


On this page:


There is a paragraph that reads:


If the agents in your environment connect to the Controller (whether a SaaS Controller or a on-premises Controller) through a proxy, the Controller host and port settings should be those of the Controller, but you will need to configure the proxy settings for that agent. See, for example, the proxy settings descriptions in Java Agent Configuration Properties


I recommend looking at the Connection Settings info in general.


Let me know if this helped you.



I went throught the document what was unclear to me, isn't there any config change needed in proxy if not how the traffic from proxy will be routed to controller ?? so there isn't need of any proxy softwares to route the traffic ??

AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Good question -- I'm asking someone and will get back to you.


For the Proxy configuration,You need to follow the below docs that talks about what are all the setting needs to be done at the proxy layer..


Here's one for Apache acting as a proxy


Hope this helps



Mohammed Rayan

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