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Get Application Flow data

New Member
So I have my application set up on my controller and I'm able to see every workload I'm sending to that Controller application. I have quite a lot of workloads that I'm running and every time I run them I have to get on that application and look at the Application flow to validate that my workloads are showing up as expected and that call counts for each node are accurate (regardless of error or success). I was looking for a method to automate the task of having to open the Application every time to validate the flow map and call counts, it could be an API that would get the Application flow map metrics. Is there such an API that will help me with this? I was looking at the AppDynamics documentation and the discussions but didn't get anything related to this.
In short, I want to get the "application flow map" data (that can be seen on the Application dashboard) from AppDynamics APIs.

Thanks in Advance,

Community Manager

Hi @Surafel.Teferra,

Thanks for asking your question on the Community. While we wait for the community to jump in and help, I wanted to offer this AppD Docs page that lists the APIs



Ryan, Cisco AppDynamics Community Manager

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