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How to ignore exception messages based on URL

Hello Team


We would like to ignore error messages based on URL detected in the controller page.


Please find the list of error messages below which we would like to ignore in AppDynamics controller page.


  • /ccm2/resource/itemName/
  • /rm1/linkConstraints
  • /rm1/locks/
  • /rm1/views

We are not able to find the class names on the error messages, so we want to ignore error /exception messages from controller page based on the URLs.


Thanks in advance.


BalaMurugan S



I'm afraid it is not possible to selectively ignore exceptions based on the BT context at this time.

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you can ignore errors by type in configuration (newrelic.config in C:\ProgramData\New Relic.NET Agent) but there currently isn't any more granular control available through configuration. You could use the .NET API call IgnoreTransaction() which would suppress the error but also ignore the entire transaction as a whole, which is sometimes undesirable. A third option would be to handle all errors before the .NET agent notices them and then either rethrow the ones you want to notice or use NoticeError() to capture the exception manually. It sounds like that last option won't be very easy to implement in this case.

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