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How do I exclude errors and exceptions from detection?


Is there a way to capture some part of the logged messages and ignore the rest? I have Errors which are logged via logger and appdynamics is capturing that but including some other information which is not required. 





Community Manager

Hi @Gopi.Krishnan,


Sorry for the late reply. After speaking with a few people, for this issue, it's best if you contact support. 


If you could share the end results of the conversation as a reply to this post that would be very helpful. Knowledge sharing is what drives this community forward. 


Ryan, Cisco AppDynamics Community Manager

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Nawaz Ali.Mohammad
AppDynamics Team

Hello Gopi,


I might not have understood your question completely by there is one KB article which talks about how to suppress errors and exceptions.

Hi Nawaz,


I had checked the link shared by you and it mentions how to ignore a whole message from being detected. But my case is somewhat like below :


Error response received : [{"metadata":{"Code":["ERROR_50404"],"Message":["HOLDN ERRORS ERROR INSUFFICIENT FUNDS FOR THIS TRANSACTION"],"StackStrace":" at HoldNAPI.Controllers.v1.HoldFundController.d__2.MoveNext()"},"data":{"mob":"XXXXXXX"}}]


I want to just captured the Code highlighted in Red and ignore the remaining. Is this case possible at all?