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BT Naming



We have configured a Java App where the BT names that get Auto discovered for multiple tiers are the same coincidently (see BT List.PNG). The URL names that get discovered are also same for these BTs (see snapshots.PNG).


In this scenario, could you advise which BT detection method would be more suitable to differentiate these BTs for different tiers, automatically?


Appreciate a quick response


Thank you,





You have couple of options.

You can do a custom naming or transaction splitting for each of the BTs from different tiers.

Click on Configuration -> Instrumentation -> Transaction Detection -> Select the Tier on the left -> Select Use Custom Configuration for this Tier 

Once there, under Entry Points, click on configure Naming for Servlet.

Select the option, Name transaction Dynamically use part of the request.

Split the transactions based on the one that best suits yuur requirement/design.


The other option is to disable auto detection and configure custom entry points for servlet and define each BT there.

This option is available on the same screen, scroll down a little and you should see Custom Match Rules.




AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hi Sundar,

By default, the BT names for servlets are based on the first two segments of the URI.

BTs are scoped to tiers, so that's why you see the same name associated with each tier.

What you might want to do is change the default naming strategy so that the last two segments of the URI are used for the name instead of the first two. You can make this much more sophisticated if you like, that that's probably a good start. 

I notice that many of the snapshots are associated with the URI "/public/lb/webapp/healthcheck".

Since this is not user driven and does not execute business logic, it's a good example of a request that you'd want to exclude from monitoring.



Brian Wheeldon

Brian Wheeldon, Solution Engineer, NYC

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Thanks for your response Gurmit & Brian


What i did was, enabled 'Business Transaction lock down' as appdev mentioned they need to have all the BTs including the helath checks That way athey at least can see first class BTs clearly (see attached). 


Also, the URLs are exactly the same for these BTs to use the last 2 segments. I wanted to group all healthcheck BTs but they also reflect as individual BTs


Please advise if there a better was to handle it


Thank you,