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how do I monitor avg. disk/sec read and avg. disk/sec writes on a database server?

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How do I monitor avg. disk/sec read & avg. disk/sec write on a database server?


It is not listed in the metric browser. These counters measure the average amount of time in secs required to service a read or write request.  The only metric available is disk reads/sec & disk writes/sec which measures the rate of operations which is a different measure. 


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Not sure if you found the answer to this. I was looking for the same this week and I found it. you need to use Server metrics (not Dabase Metrics) since this is server volume\disk related. When looking into documentation, I found this. Please read the description for <partitionAvg read time (ms) and <partitionAvg write time (ms). You will see that that's exactly what you are looking for.


You can navigate to it in the metric browser, path should something like: Application Infrastructure Performance|Root|<ApplicationName>|SQL|Individual Nodes|<NodeName>-java-MA|Hardware Resources|Disks|<partition>-|Avg read time (ms). Also, as an additional note, if you wish to add that to a dashboard, you will need to specify the path as it doesn't show when selecting from the metrics, you need to provide the path starting from Hardware Resources, i.e.: Hardware Resources|Disks|<partition>-|Avg read time (ms). you will see values appear in the dashboard. 


Hope the above helps.-