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Machine Agent not picking up process


Hi All,

I'm wondering if anybody has come into the below situation before, we have a process that Appd machine agent or the process monitor extension can not report on. So the process does not show in the processes tab of the machine agent or it does not appear in the top 10 list of processes consuming CPU / Memory. This gives issues when we see spikes in CPU / memory at particular times but then the process does not report so its hard to identify what the issue was. Would anybody have had a situation like this with their systems? If you have did you have to get help from the software provider in order to identify the issue? How did the isssue get resolved for you?

Background / Investigation: Process does not appear in process tab. Process runs as elevated and account on Windows 10 has permissions to folder where process is located. Running machine agent as administrator profile does not identify it either.

Machine Agent Log Files Examples:


1) The "org.hyperic.sigar.SigarException: Incorrect function" exception is reported when native sigar library is not able to inspect the process.

2) The command line isnt identifying where the process exists


Example of process identified with command line entry : "pid=1064, ppid=740, commandLine=C:\appdynamics\machineagent\bin\MachineAgentService.exe, name=MachineAgentService, owner=Administrator"

Example of process not being identified with no command line entry : "pid=3324, ppid=740, commandLine=, name="


PPID 740 for both instances is services.msc