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Machine Agent Stopped




This issue is about the machine agent installation. This is what is happening:

I already installed the machine agent and got the "Started AppDynamics Machine Agent Successfully" message, however it looks like it is not reporting so I checked Agents on controller and it is over there, so I tried to make some troubleshooting taking a look at the machine agent status with ./appdynamics-machine-agent status command and I got this "appdynamics-machine-agent is stopped"

As the second step I tried to restart it and then stop it again with ./appdynamics-machine-agent stop command and this is the output "Stopping appdynamics-machine-agent: [FAILED]" 


Is there any idea what is happening and how to fix it?

I appreciate it.

Thank you.

Best Regards.


AppDynamics Team

Hi. What version is the machine agent? I'd recommend updating to the latest as we've resolved some stability issues recently. 

Hi Allan,


Hope you are doing great.

Thanks for responding and your support.

I am using Controller (SaaS) version and the machine agent  is v4.4.3, so  I need to upgrade to v4.5.18.2430, I will follow your recommendation.


Best Regards.





Definitely a good idea to upgrade that agent to the latest machine agent version from Let us know how that goes! 

Hi Allan,


Thank you.

I followed your recommendation, upgrade the Machine Agent then I got the Machine agent installed successfully message and at the log file as well, also checking logs I see following:

[extension-scheduler-pool-6] 26 Feb 2020 18:04:38,227 INFO ServersDataCollector - Started servers data collector - DataCollectorConfig(samplingInterval=3000, componentNames=[volumes, cpus, memory, partitions]), so it looks like agent is reporting metrics to Controller; however at the controller I do not see any data neither basic but I realized two things:


1.Controller Status is paused because "Currently Undergoing Maintenance." since I am using SaaS model, can I reactive the Controller by my own?

2. At AppDynamics agents -> Details section machine agent status keeps in initializing, do you know if that is ok?, I guess status should be started or initialized, I mean concluded not in progress.


Those look like reasons because I am not getting any metric.?

Any help will  be very appreciated.

Best Regards.


            Hugo Torres.




Hey Hugo. 

Once maintenance is done on the controller you should go check your license screen and make sure there are available licenses. You should also check for any license rules that may be blocking the agent from connecting. Sometimes a default license rule gets created automatically and it needs to get deleted. 

Hi Allan,


Thank you again for all your support.

I get it, the weird thing is that according to system status page, it has been in paused status since February 17 @ 12:00 AM, it seems a long time for a maintenance window (around 10 days).

Any other suggest?

Thank you again and sorry for so many questions.

Best Regards.




Please private message me your controller URL. Thanks.