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Docker - machine agent issue


I cloned the image from

and executed the docker-compose up command after the machine agent installation.

But im getting below error while starting the machine agent, can anyone help please??

"$ docker-compose up
Creating docker-machine-agent ... done
Attaching to docker-machine-agent
docker-machine-agent | /bin/sh: 1: /opt/appdynamics/machine-agent//start-appdynamics: not found
docker-machine-agent exited with code 127"


I dont know what is wrong with this


AppDynamics Team
Hello Harsh,

Thanks for posting to the AppDynamics Community.

I cloned the same image with the latest machine agent, v21.5.0, and machine agent could start successfully.

However, from the log, there is an unnecessary slash before "start-appdynamics", so could you remove the last slash from MACHINE_AGENT_HOME variable in Dockerfile and try to run again?
->slash after machine-agent is unnecessary

If modifying Dockerfile and using the latest machine agent doesn't work, could you please share whole docker log?

Best Regards,


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