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Ansible collection for Machine-agent Appdynamics issue

New Poster

The AppD ansible collection for machine agent has an issue where if you want to change the values of tier, application, or node_name but they already have values in the conf file, you cannot change them without first uninstalling and then re-installing the agent.

I can't give a link to the git repo, because the Ansible collection does not expose which git repo the collection was synced from. The collection page is, which also contains a tarball of the code.

This specific code is both:

roles/java/tasks/merging-controller-info.yml (starting line 98)
roles/machine/tasks/merging-controller-info.yml (starting line 108)

I can submit a PR for this if you point me to the git repo for it, or I would request that it either.
Any suggestions or a way through?