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Components of AppDynamics - DB.


Hello all!

I have a question about the components of AppD.
There are several components of AppD like - Controller, Agents, Tier, Nodes, etc., but a very important component is a database.

Can someone provide me with information about what is the difference between AppD DataBase and AppD DataBase Agent? What DB Agent monitoring more?

How does DataBase work?

I know that documentation, placed here :

But I assume this documentation has only information about DB Agent, or am I wrong?


Thanks for your help!



Hello David

in General, AppDynamics Different components uses MySQL Databases , not centralized but with each component (each controller has it's MySQL database, enterprise console has its database, EUM too, etc.) 

check the bundled Database Controller Component Versions (

you don't have to be super MySQL admin, but mandatory to write down the admin user and password as support will need it for any support issues, also you will find here how to backup and restore the bundled Database Controller Data Backup and Restore (

Database agent is the agent that monitor different Databases. that you application work with. remotely connected to these Databases through JDBC connection, and run queries to get the performance data about each , you can find here the supportability matrix Database Visibility Supported Environments (