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Hello everyone,Please we are trying to monitor a database but everytime we run the querry we get the erroran error occured while fetching data the agent did not respond after 70 secondsHas anyone had this issue before and how did you solve it

Resolved! Missing machine tags in api response

Running machine agent:   2023-07-11 01:36:28.654 Using Agent Version [Machine Agent v23.6.0.3657 GA compatible with Build Date 2023-06-22 09:28:42] .. .. 2023-07-11 01:36:33.954 Started AppDynamics Machine Agent Successfully.   Added custom...

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Controller has Data on Infrastructure metrics under Application, Metric explorer was not populating graph

I am able to see the Machine Agents - Infrastructure Metrics like CPU, RAM, etc data getting polled in Controller,But, the Metric explorer was producing data under Application. Whereas, Metric Browser under Server was able to populate the graph.Need ...

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