End User Monitoring (EUM)
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Ignoring multiple HTTP errors

Hi folks,  I have an issue where I wish to ignore ALL 403 and 401 HTTP errors for my application.Originally we had 401 set in the Error detection section (Error Detection Using HTTP Return Codes) that was enabled, and I was able to add a 403 one, kee...

Health rule behavior

Hello everyone, We have some Java tiers and Python tiers in our application, and we want to use AppDynamics to monitor exceptions in code. We want to get an email when there is an exception in our code but we don't want any more mail for 120 minutes ...

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Docker Container nodejs agent

Hello   I have my docker container running with Nodejs, and  I was reading how to install the agent but still lost.   Can someone give me any tips about how to install the agent?     thanks. 

Resolved! Custom time on E-mail alerts

Hello everyoneI faced a problem with variable on Email templates. When trigger text with ${action.triggerTime} sent to Email address, I see only UTC time, but for my notify's need to GMT+3. Im tried anything, but it not successed. Maybee someone know...