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App Starts condition for Mobile Application Health Rule




Recently we have started working with AppDynamics as we are taking it over from another team.

There have been a few HealthRules already created and we are trying to understand them all.

There is one that we are not sure about and it seems to generate a handful number of alerts:

App Starts's value was not within baseline-based calculated value by x standard deviation(s) for x times in the last x minutes


What does exactly App Starts means here? The application failed to start?

Couldn't find such information in the AppDynamics docs and when following the link via alert email, it just opens the Mobile Application dashboard and I don't see any connection. Is it possible to check more details regarding this alert?


Thank you in advance!



Community Manager

Hi @Marcin.Kluzek,


Thanks for asking your question on the community. Is anyone around from the other team to where you can ask them what that health rule meant? Since they set it up, they should hopefully know. 


Alternatively, I would suggest reaching out to AppD Support. They will be able to look at it in more detail and context.


Let me know if you are able to get an answer that helps out.



Ryan, Cisco AppDynamics Community Manager

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