End User Monitoring (EUM)
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UEM monitoring to identify slowness problem

Hi Team,   While analysing the response slowness issue for an application across two locations, i'm bit puzzled on how to get to the prone zone.   I've an application running in Mumbai and Chennai location, in real time response value for Chennai is ...

Unable to configure EUM Browser app

Hi, I have opened a port from Source (Application web Server) to destination ( EUM Server, Event Service & Controller) 7001, 9080 & 8090 respectively. This test application build in Dev environment & our appdynamics setup in production environment (o...

How to send additional info on AJAX response?

Hi   I'm able to add custom data (.i to `username`) to AJAX request, but is it possible to add more info to the tracker, such as `number of records returned by the server`?     (window['adrum-config'] || (window['adrum-config'] = { 'userEventInfo':...

Resolved! User Experience Monitoring

Hi,   Recently i've configured a User experience monitoring for one of my application. I'm able to see metrics getting reported for that on UI.   1). I've few doubts on dashboard data's, there is graph "Response time Distribution" i'm unable to under...

Reverse Proxy configuration for EUM

Dear All,   we have installed 4.3 controller, eventservice and EUM.   we have .net applications that are configured.   now we want to configure EUM for the .net application, we have finished the EUM component installtion (slipt host). now we want to ...

Resolved! Configuring CSP for EUM injection

Hello everyone. I have read this article but I have some concerns. Would appreciate any help!   For context, our current configuration is as follows: Browser Application (EUM) Configuration - Configure and download JavaScript Agent - AppDynamics host...

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