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eum and confluence and jira?


How do we check eum data for users of Atlassian Confluence and Jira?  

The eum seems to talk about a could .js files.  It does not seem reasonable to expect us to modify 3rd party code though.  Any experiences with this type of monitoring, and how do you go about it?


It is to address the typical things are slow now story from various users.


AppDynamics Team

Hi David,


To monitor end user experience, the AppDynamics agent injects JavaScript right after the opening <HEAD> tag. 

We have different styles of EUM injection, like Automatic and manual injections which can be applied depending on the application requirement. For example;


->If your application runs on a Jasper platform, you can configure automatic injection. 
->If your application does not run in a Jasper-supported framework or if for some other reason automatic injection is not working, you can use manual injection styles.

Please find the doc link below for a better clarity on this :


By default jira bundles tomcat which uses jasper framework, so automatic injection should work. We suggest you try this out on a test environment first.


Please feel free to write back to us for any further assistance.


Thanks & Regards,

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