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adrum takes too long to download and causes webpages to be slow


We are downloading adrum.js through manual injection from our internal cloud and sometimes it fails.  When it fails it causes the application's webpages to be slow.  We are tyring to figure out if you can add a timeout setting to this so the application is not affected by the monitoring.  Anyone implemented this or has run into a similar problem


AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hi Alex,


Adrum.js loads synchronously This is done to avoid any miss in the EUM metrics collection. The later adrum.js is loaded, the more items can be missed (resource loads like XHR calls, for example), moreover the file size is minimal. This part of the agent kicks off the loading of adrum-ext.js, via an asynchronous call.


Since adrum.js is invoked synchronously, any failures in connectivity will impact the page load times directly and to avoid this make sure that your internal hosting for adrum.js is reliable or you can even use our CDN hosted adrum.js.