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End user monitoring for internal applications with restricted Internet access


We are using the EUM component for monitoring user experience of backoffice applications which sit on a variety of restricted networks. On-premise EUM collector has been discarded as an option. The user base is around 2000 users. The value of EUM for a small userbase is in the MTTR for resolving backoffice agent issues. These variety of networks are owned by 3P outside our control. They donot have access to the internet, but they do have routes into our network for the backoffice application. We have capability to route requests from these networks back out into the internet via our own appliances.


Question: Has anyone done something similar ? Are there any known pitfalls of this setup ?


Solution under consideration: We are planning to place a reverse proxy in our network which will act as the EUM Collector endpoint. It will be accessible via restricted networks and will proxy to the SaaS EUM collector endpoint. Forward proxy was considered but due firewalls on the route prohibit transitive traffic.






AppDynamics Team

Hi Sandeep,


Using the reverse proxy would be the way to go. That way the users can access the EUM server without the direct connectivity over internet. There shouldn't be any issues using this setup, is would rather be more secure.




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