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Alert configuration based on Volume II

New Member

Hi everyone

What is the best approach that involves minimal manual configuration involvement in these 2 scenarios with API upgrades?

1) The volume of a new API is increased incrementally over a course of a week
   causing the traffic of the previous deprecated  API to drop off and alert based on low volumes 

2)  The volume of a new API will switch over to 100% new API sometime in the next few days.
    We are not sure when but we want to suppress volume alerts when the switch over happens

There are no specific health checks for the APIs - (alerts are based on volumes)
- Although I suspect that would be helpful

In an ideal situation what information would be exposed by the API (so it did not compromise security) and how would, I configureAppD to only generate an alert when there was a genuine problem with the API
Please suggest approaches / further documentation that would be worth considering.


Is it just a matter of having both a health check and a volume check,
and switching off the volume when an API is deprecated?
Or are there some additional good rules of thumb to follow?