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How can I uninstall an EUM server?

hi all,   Is there a way to uninstall properly an EUM server? I didn't find any documentation on it, for a controller yes but for EUM no. My EUM is hosted with an events service Linux server and I want to uninstall it properly and install it on anoth...

Resolved! Error trying to import AppD plugin

Hi team,   I'm am just trying to import the Appd plugin inside an android library:   apply plugin: 'com.android.library'apply plugin: 'adeum' // this line added for AppDynamics   But always with this error:   A problem occurred configuring the projec...

How to disable EUM dynamically?

Hello,Is there any way to disable EUM dynamically without refreshing the page? Ex. user logs into the SPA application, but he changes his privacy settings and we need to disable AppDynamics totally on the browser side. Is that possible? We are inject...

Resolved! Angular 10 - Virtual page load times increased

We just updated our application from Angular 9 to Angular 10 last week and noticed that in our End User Monitoring data, we've seen a significant increase in all of our load times for our virtual pages (like a 5x increase on average from 3 seconds to...

Resolved! "this.thenCore is not a function" error in Chrome/Chromium based browsers in adrum-latest.js versions

We inject the adrum script into our application pointing to the CDN version of "adrum-latest.js". This of course loads the latest version of the script from the CDN. We noted that as of version (up to the latest: https://cdn.appdynamics.c...