End User Monitoring (EUM)
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Android MRUM

Hi, We need to set up AppDynamics MRUM for native android webview.   So my question is do we need to setup browser RUM as well or what approach & setup is required to get the business transaction for a particular session.    And the second thing is w...

End User Monitoring and GWT

Hi,   We are trying to implement in our GWT application with end user monitoring.   But we are not sure it is possible to monitor the different pages as it is a single page application. We have seen in the documentation portal that it supports angula...

Filesystem monitoring on Linux servers

HiI am new to AppDynamics world, I tried to search this query on community before posting here but couldn't find any clue.Using App Dynamics machine agent I want to monitor all fileystems on a linux servers.If I start machine agent using machine agen...