End User Monitoring (EUM)
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Delay in start of adrum calls in IE browsers

Hello ,          I am noticing lot of stalled IE instances in browser snapshots . However i do not see it from the application side. One common thing i notice in the stalled pages is delay in start of adrum call. What might be causing this delay . Be...


Upgrading EUM from to 4.5.16

We have controller and EUM hosted on different hosts.We have gone through  the doc https://docs.appdynamics.com/display/PRO45/Upgrade+the+Production+EUM+Server.Under upgrade procedure in second step i.e 2.b we could see we have to take mysql dump fro...

EUM version number

Hi,   We have recently upgraded the EUM javascript version to the latest 4.5.15. How could I tell looking at the configuration in the AppD Controller whether a User Experience application is using the latest version or old version of the javascript? ...

Beacon Lifecycle

Hi there We're trying to gather some facts about Beacon Lifecycle in Mobile Agents. From the documentaion is says that beacons are only persisted if they can't be transmitted. So can we assume that once the beacon is sent out, it gets deleted immedia...