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Business transaction detection with regex: Impact on .NET app agent or controller



I am trying to regroup Business transaction by features and I am searching where the regex is executed for transaction detection.


I would like to regroup theses BT with a regex:

The regex that will be used:



Does anyone know if the regex is evaluated on the agent or on the controller?

Thank you for any answer.


AppDynamics Team

Hi @Thierry.QUESSADA ,


Thank you for posting to the community.

I believe you are using custom match rules to group business transactions, and the regex is evaluated on the agent side.
By looking at agent's logs, you can see that the agent is reporting grouped business transaction.

Please see the document below for logging of .NET agent.

In the AgentLog.txt, you can search "BTRegistrationChannel Sending transactions to register" and see agent registers a business transaction.

Best Regards,


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