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How to create Health rule for WebSphere MQ ???

Team,   Below are the requirements for my MQ, please guide!   1. I am trying to create health rule for more than 100 channels , whenever the status of any of these channels is not equal to 3 i want to be alerted . Can you let me know if there's any q...

Resolved! Ability to display Health Rule Conditions

when displaying health rule Violations on a customer dashboard, is it possible to have the condition that is violated be displayed as well?  We are looking to put this up on a TV and would like to be able to see why a given health rule is displaying ...

Highlight a widget based on value

does anyone know if it is possible to have a Widget be filled with a background color based on the value.   I am looking to have the widget cell highlighted based on a calulcation of business transaction performance.     IE if transactions dont compl...