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Dropdown for tiers/nodes

Hello AppDynamites,    I have some microservices, I would like to show them in a dropdown on the top of the dashboard(similar to Splunk) and if I select one microservice from the dropdown, then I would able to see my specified metrics such as error c...

Resolved! Metric browser on dashboards

Hi Team   I am trying to load a custom metrics onto the dashboard & it wouldnt load any data. The custom metrics is from MQ monitoring extension which we have installed for 3 servers & the metrics populates fine in the metric browser but when added i...

Resolved! Redis Cluster monitoring in AppDynamics

Hello App-Dynamites,   We have enabled Redis cluster monitoring in AppDynamics.In that, for those clusters, how can we convert Used memory bytes in Human Readable format (for ex: in MB or GB etc instead of bytes )     

JMX active session metrics is not visible

      We have configured the JMX session in appdynamics . earlier appd used to show this metrics but not now ..  there was some change in jboss and some software ..    we want to know what are the possibilities that appd is not showing this metrics...

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How to create Health rule for WebSphere MQ ???

Team,   Below are the requirements for my MQ, please guide!   1. I am trying to create health rule for more than 100 channels , whenever the status of any of these channels is not equal to 3 i want to be alerted . Can you let me know if there's any q...

Resolved! Ability to display Health Rule Conditions

when displaying health rule Violations on a customer dashboard, is it possible to have the condition that is violated be displayed as well?  We are looking to put this up on a TV and would like to be able to see why a given health rule is displaying ...