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JMX active session metrics is not visible


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We have configured the JMX session in appdynamics . earlier appd used to show this metrics but not now .. 

there was some change in jboss and some software .. 


we want to know what are the possibilities that appd is not showing this metrics 





AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hi @pratik.mohite


Sorry to hear that you are experiencing issue locating JMX active session metrics.


To investigate closely, we need information such as the version of your Controller and the Agent.


Please update the thread with necessary information.

HI Radhika , 


Find information as below : 


AppDynamics Version, build 278


Server Agent # v4.5.0 GA compatible with r88b53d319a45abc58963be9d2d0824499a2c23dd release/4.5.0-release


JVM version : 


Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM 1.5.0_14 Sun Microsystems Inc.




Hi @pratik.mohite


Thank you for sharing the details.


From the screenshots, it appears that there are no metrics in the metrics browser.


Please see if the metrics are visible in the Mbean browser within the Controller. If you are able to see them, it could be a configuration issue.  Please use correct JMX rules to identify the metrics. For more information, see Monitoring JMX documentation.


Metrics not being visible on the browser indicates the agent is not reporting, and without looking at logs we can't give you a definite answer why they are not reporting. For this we need the agent debug logs to troubleshoot. You might also need configuration help, and in this case, it's best to open a support case with agent debug logs from one of the nodes along with the description in the post.


Hope it helps. Let us know how it goes.

Thank you Radhika for your reply .. 


1. I have configured mbean but not sure how to see this values in metric browser 


2.   I am not aware how to open support case to send you appd agent logs . 



Hi @pratik.mohite


Please see the knowledgebase article for instruction on locating the Mbean browser.


For information on contacting support, see the Customer Support Resource docs.


Hope it helps. Let us know how it goes.

We have a very similiar issue

We can find the Mbean

We can the JMX Session Metrics in the Metric Browser.

We just cannot see select them from within the the Dashboard Metric Selector.