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easy healthchecks for all your controller applications

There is a free health check for AppDynamics SaaS which works from a web browser and it can produce results in seconds for all your applications. More details below.

A bit about me. I've been using AppDynamics as a customer, for over 10 years. Recently I was a senior consultant with AppDynamics working for the last year with EMEA customers. 

While using AppDynamics I needed a solution that could surface important operational information and extract that information so that comparisons could be made long after the data had been rolled up. This was the idea behind Rapport - an open source web application that makes use of the AppDynamics REST APIs to extract the operational information needed.

I started with a few scripts and its developed over the years into a web application that provides the missing features you wished were in the controller itself.

Rapport is at . You use your AppDynamics controller credentials to log in. Note that your credentials remain safely encrypted within the web session and are not stored by the rapport web application.

To access a healthcheck for all your applications just
- 1) login
- 2) and then from the burger menu (3 horizontal lines) select "Check>One click checkup".

Rapport then presents you with a list of your applications and as you scroll through them it will perform the healthcheck and update the page.

Below is an example of what a healthcheck looks for an application. Usually this check would take an appdynamics consultant upwards of 20 mins per application. Here its done in seconds.

Do try this out for yourself. It's free, open source and the code is on github  . If you would like to find out more  please get do get in contact me via the forum messaging or via linkedin.

There is lots more I am going to add to this application (for example i'd love to be able to have a modern dashboarding capability) . If you would like to contribute to this project do get in touch.


Sunil Vanmullem

Article also posted on LinkedIn - See

kind regards