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SAML - can local AppD accounts still be used if SAML is enabled?


Can anyone tell me if we enable SAML authentication on our on prem windows controller that we are still able to login to the controller using local accounts ?

The concern is once SAML is configured and you logout and you can no longer login using a local account, how do we revert back to  the "Authentication Provider" : Appdynamics  in which uses local accounts?

This tells me that you need to have 2  browser sessions open when configuring SAML:  1st session to be logged in as an Owner role and the 2nd session to enable SAML.  If  the 2nd session fails to login as SAML based user, then in the 1st session we have the ability to set "Authentication Provider"  as Appdynamics   again.  This is to avoid locking out ourselves completely.



Hi Michael

We use both Local and SAML account at the same time with our SaaS Controllers. On your main login screen, once SAML Auth is setup, you will have the option of using the SAML Auth, which will redirect you to the SAML provider for authentication, or to use the option of "use local login" account

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