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SAAS Export to Elasticsearch

Good Afternoon,


We are a SAAS client and we're starting to get requests and requirements for historical AppDynamics information for such projects as Telemetry Data analysis which they are requesting up to 6 months of historical data from our various APM systems.


We've never really had the requirement to persist our data somewhere until now and since we have an Elastic Stack in-house it makes sense to export this information into an Elasticsearch index. Everything I've read points to on-prem installations where you can put scripts/utilities on the servers that captures the information and then exports it out to Elasticsearch through some plug-in such as logstash or and http endpoint plugin.


Since we are SAAS and don't have any physical machines that we can use to house scripts or utilities is there a similar or corresponding approach that we can use?





AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hi, @Bill.Youngman 


I noticed your post and wondered whether you'd seen this article in the Knowledge Base article? It may not have everything you need, but perhaps a useful start? 


Claudia Landivar

Community Manager & Editor

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My question was geared towards Elastic Elasticsearch and not AWS Elasticbean but I'll take a look at it. Also unless I misread it seems to be geared towards an on-prem set up and we're SAAS and don't have any machines that we can deploy scripts and / or utilities to.




Hi Bill,


Is your Elasticsearch SaaS as well? If not, and you have a Logstash instance, then you should be able to use the http_poller input plugin to call the AppDynamics APIs.


If no Logstash, then you probably need to look at another product to sit between AppDynamics and Elasticsearch. I'm currently using Cribl's Logstream product to pull info out from AppD and put it into Elasticsearch for Health Rule analysis.



Thanks Mark,


No our Elasticsearch stack is totally on prem and we are using logstash for some things already so this looks like it would be a good approach.