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Resolved! Link to the Health Rule Violation inside the email notification directs me to http controller url instead of https

Hello, For an On-Prem Controller, the email notification contains the link to the Events but when I click on the link it gets an error ie. "(controller_name.domain) didn't send any data/ ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE". This is due to the link in the notificatio...

Audit metrics for agents

I'm getting a lot of "Agent Metric Registration Limit Reached" events in the application dashboard that state that the agents are reaching the max number of metrics that can be registered. I know there is a parameter that can be passed to the java ag...

Resolved! Manipulate datetime in Alert Template

Hi there Does anyone have a way to manipulate the time in an alert template. It'showing the event time in UTC time, not in the customer's time We have SaaS Controllers which are in Europe however the customer is in a different timezone, however from ...

Extension reporting frequency

Hi,   There is a unique requirement for URL monitoring which is to monitor if a particular URL is down or not for every 5 secs and report immediately if it is down. Now the URL monitoring extension I am using is scheduled to run every 5 secs but the ...