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Exporting metric information into Elasticsearch

I need to export some of my metric information out to Elasticsearch for archiving and I read that the way to do it is to use the http_poller logstash plugin for this. My problem is that I have to use OAUTH 2.0 to connect to our Controller API and the http_poller plugin doesn't support the dynamic creation and use of tokens.


I've read of some developer's creating PowerShell scripts to generate an OAUTH token and then inject that into the http_poller plugin but I'm researching other possibilities as well.


Has anyone ever had to do something like this or does anyone have any suggestions.



Bill Youngman



Hi Bill,


We have done this, but used a shell script to make the calls to the Controller API and store the output into files, then had the logstash file plugin ingest them into Elastic.



I like this - firm believer in keep it simple

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