Controller (SaaS, On Premises)
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HTTP Request Template GET Method

Hello all, I' m using appdynamics version 4.5.0. I create an HTTP Request Template by using GET method to send SMS for alerts. When I run test, it shows SUCCESS but I can not send SMS and I get the error below. DO you have any information about the r...

Automated Role and Group Creation

Hi All, I was looking to create Appdynamics Groups and Role automatically by a job depending on the application Name. i was disappointed to see no REST API is available to update the custom role. But , I do recall using role creation based on a scrip...

(Auto) Starting the controller

First, off let me lead off that I am not a linux expert. So more details to any answers would be greatly appreciated.   There are two parts to this question: What is the proper method to start up the controller?How do we use that method so that the c...

Certificate chain validation failed

Dear support,   we cannot see any data collected from our application due to these errors in the log file.   [Information redacted]   Any suggestion?   A.   ^ Post edited by @Ryan.Paredez to remove log files. Please do not share or attach log files t...