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I'm trying to set up custom action -


In the "Definitions of Parameters Sent by a Health Rule Violation" i see



number of times to loop through the triggered condition parameters for each evaluation entity; if more than one condition is triggered, the parameters repeat for each triggered condition, where "x" is the position of the condition


What exactly is the "position of the condition" here refers to? How do we use parameters like THRESHOLD_VALUE_x, OBSERVED_VALUE_x etc.,


Could you please give some examples? I basically need to handle this parameter in a custom script.





AppDynamics Team (Retired)

@steve.hetland can one of your doc writers answer this question?





AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hi Sundar, I'm still working on getting an example for you, but in the meanwhile, you may find it helpful to review sample script that processes an event. See



The way that the doc puts it, "where "x" is the position of the condition", isn't quite clear....  As I read, those values (i.e., $CONDITION_NAME_x, etc) are accessed by parameter position in the list of parameters passed by the Controller when calling the scipt.


The sample script checks the number of triggered conditions, and cycles through the parameters by incrementing position reference (CURP). So with two conditions, the first THRESHOLD_VALUE_x would be accessed at parameter position 28, roughly and the next one at around 40 or so. 



As I say, I'll try and get confirmation on this for you, along with a sample. 

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