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How to specify proxy host and port in the http request action ?

New Poster

Hello Expert Team,


Greetings !!


I am working on the integration of the Incident Management System with Appdynamics using http Request Action.


In my template, I have defined the incident table URL and post method along with the input in the JSON for creating an incident.


After performing the test it fails with connection time out error.


I tried running curl command from the controller and I can create an incident ticket with sample input. The only difference here that curl command I am specifying the proxy details whereas Controller UI does not have option.


Any help or input is welcome.





Nawaz Ali.Mohammad
AppDynamics Team

Hello Sharad,


Proxy support is available from the 20.8 controller version onwards.
Is your controller 20.8 or above? Check Settings -> About AppDynamics.

If yes, please follow this link=