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Controller (SaaS, On Premises)

Event Service as Systemd Service => improvement suggestions


Event Service as Systemd Service => improvement suggestions

I created a Systemd Service for the Event Service. That the Event Service is there if I start the Machine!

It works, but I need some suggestions for improvement


sudo vi appd-controller-eventservice.service


And put the following content in it.



Description=AppDynamics Controller Eventservice start








ExecStart=/opt/appdynamics/platform/product/events-service/processor/bin/ start -f -p /opt/appdynamics/platform/product/events-service/processor/conf/









systemctl enable appd-controller-eventservice.service



If i run the Command 


/opt/appdynamics/platform/product/events-service/processor/bin/ start -f -p /opt/appdynamics/platform/product/events-service/processor/conf/


On the Commandline  I get an  output of the running process and somewhere the event service are up and running  but  i do not get a next prompt. That mean the output of the running process do not end. It always shows the output, even if the Service are running.  


My question now is


Is there a better way to start the event Service from the prompt?  => That end in a new Commandline Prompt.

Or is there an option in the Service file?  That end the output of the event service and show the Commandline 


I have build other Service Files for a Systemd Service i can  handle all with stop and start. Because the command run and at the end it gives me a new Commandline Prompt.


I need some hint for the bolt questions above.

If you have some questions that we handle it together give it a try. Thank

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Event Service as Systemd Service => improvement suggestions