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Data Model of the AppD Controller Metrics Repository Stored in MySQL


Does AppD externally publish the data model for the Controller metrics repository stored in MySQL?  Rather than use the UI, I would like to submit SQL queries directly to MySQL to produce customized charts and reports requested by the customer.  I can query the MySQL INFORMATION_SCHEMA, but details about how tables are related would shorten the cycle.  The REST URL API has been recommended to me, but SQL would be simpler and faster.  The other reason I need SQL access is that the customer wants to archive metrics data beyond the 365 day retention for multi-year capacity planning.  I will need an easy way to export metric data that will be aging off.  Has anyone done this?  TIA!


AppDynamics Team



Sorry but unfortunately, the database architecture is used for internal purpose only and we do not publish this publicly. Please let us know if you are looking for any specific data so that we could share the specific SQL if we are having it handy. And yes, we would suggest using the REST APIs to retrieve the data from the controller.


Let us know if you have any questions on this.




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Attached is the HDFS disk utilization spreadsheet I am asked to create each week.  Each tab represents a data node in the cluster. There are two columns on each tab for each of the 8 relevant disk devices, "Space Used" and "Space Available".  Each row displays an observation by hour.


Please send me a sample of the SQL necessary to produce at least one tab of this spreadsheet.




Hi frank - you can get this information using the rest Apis. I have written a web based data extraction tool for the community which does this and I would be happy to add what you are looking for into it.

kind regards