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'User Data' under Data Collector

'User Data' under Data Collector



Could someone please explain what is 'User Data' thay we see under 'Data Collector'  and from where it gets captured?


We have default 'Http Data collector' enabled & we also could see this user data under Data Collector. When snapshots drilled-down on this user data, it shows them as Collector Type 'Business Data'


Is this User Data part of Https Data collector,if not from where it gets collected.







'User Data' under Data Collector
AppDynamics Team

Re: 'User Data' under Data Collector

Hi Sundarapandian,


Please refer  to the below doc  for reference and let us know if you have any further queries





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Re: 'User Data' under Data Collector

Hello Atyuha,


We post qns after going through the docs, including this case. Im asking specific questions on what collects the 'User Data' and why the Collector Type shows as 'Business Data', the doc doesnt have much information on this. We had only HTTP data collector enabled (this has been diabled via app-agent-config.xml), however we still see this User Data under Data Collector in the transaction snapshot.


Why Data collector collects this 'User Data' when no Data Collector is enabled (HTTP/Method Invocation)