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Resolved! How to use 'distinctcount' clause in ADQL

hello folks,   I want to basically get count of distinct 'fieldname' . When I write the following query, it won't work.   SELECT distinctcount(bb) FROM transactions WHERE application = "PROD" AND transactionName = "aaa" AND segments.userData.eReceipt...

Is GROUP BY available in ADQL?

Hello,   New to App Dynamics Analytics. I want to write a query in ADQL for the following situation. In a business transaction if a record appears more than 2 times in 30 seconds, i have to alert. Basically I have consider that they are duplicate rec...

Resolved! Analytics API curl command with postman

Hi,   I am trying to send my first call to appD and get a response via the API but I can't make the connection. Can someone spot the problem with my code? I am using the Postman api client.   Thanks for your help,   Tom   curl -X POST \ http://analyt...

analytics agent error

HI Team,   Getting below error in analytics agent logs . Issue im facing is while navigation to analytics    [2018-08-20T11:08:45,088+05:30] [ERROR] [file:poll:pipeline-poller-thread-0] [c.a.a.a.p.d.LogSourceJobFileListener] Error occurred while proc...