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Unable to query Events Api.


Hi there everyone.

I am struggling to get the Events Api to accept a query for some metrics I want to query.
I followed the instructions on and have setup the postman request with the required fields.
I have made sure to give the api_key the correct permissions but I when querying the fra-ana controller I am hit with a 403. 

I cannot see why I am being hit with his error or find any documentation to help me debug it.

`My query looks like the following:
curl -X POST ""
-header "X-Events-API-AccountName: <global_account_name>" 
-header "X-Events-API-Key: <api_key>" 
-header "Content-Type: application/;v=2" 
-header "Accept: application/;v=2" 
-data "SELECT * FROM logs"

I have tried this command in postman and in Powershell both returning the same 403.



Figured out the issue.

It had to do with the permissions of the API keys.
I was so focused on the event service permissions, I never stop to realise that the query needed the permissions to access the logs.

Community Manager

Hi @Justin.Pienaar,

Thanks for following up and sharing the solution! I love to see it! 


Ryan, Cisco AppDynamics Community Manager

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