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Resolved! Need information on how to dynamically send the performance of the API's to the Analytics custom event schema created.

Hi,We want to monitor the Health of the API's using the Analytics Custom event schema. To achieve this we have created the schema using postman and published the data to the event schema we have created. But, how we can replicate this for monitoring ...

Resolved! Analytics API showing error in postman

Hi,I am trying to create a schema in Analytics using postman. But i am getting the below error.Error:  "Error provisioning account on any cluster" I am following the steps as per the Docs : POST{schemaN...

Analytics api error

we are trying to follow this example . however we are getting this error. {"message": "Error provisioning account on any cluster"Ofcourse we are using the correct account name api key  any ideas? we are using our controller url POST https://analytics...

ADQL - Replacing strings in result

We have 15 network requests as result of following query, i am showing output in bar graph in dashboard.SELECT networkrequestname, avg(networkrequesttime/1000) AS `Avg Netowrk Request Time(sec)` FROM mobile_snapshotsBut for business i want to show th...