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Custom Event data publishing using XML

Is it possible to use XML instead of JSON for the custom event data publish. If it possible could you post an example similar to this. Thanks curl -X POST "<events_service_endpoint>:9080/events/publish/myProducts" -H"X-Events-API-AccountName:customer...

Event schema design

I need to create a custom schema. AppD documentation is not very extensive on how to create complex (nested) custom schemas. Or can only flat schemas be created in Appdynamics? Where can I get documentaiton create event schema examples in AppDynamics...

Failed to create Analytic search

Hi,   We have AppDynamics 4.2 & also configured Analytic agent 4.2 as a standalone machine agent for java application. As we have trying to create new analytic search,UI doesn’t show any application in Add criteria field.   Machine agent log :   [sys...


Resolved! Understanding Analytics Agent logs

Hi there,   I am trying to understand the pattern matching system in place for groking patterns and matching multi-lines.   I am running a Java app which uses log4j for logging, configured to use the console appender. The console output is being pipe...

Pull log data from AppDynamics

Hi      we are validating one of our  Mobile Apps in AppDynamics.We could like to pull/Extract the metrics data from appDynamics to Hadoop Platform.   The data can be extract through ADSQL,but we want raw log format data from AppDynamics metrics.   T...

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