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Resolved! Starting Events Service cluster

I'm trying to start the Events service nodes but it doesn't work Spoiler [root@console platform-admin]# bin/ submit-job --platform-name AppDPlatform --service events-service --job start( 1/ 7) Load Events Service cluster configuratio...

Resolved! Data Colllectors only when value present

hi Has anyone every tried to set up their data collectors so that it only displays when values are present or how did you work your analytic queries to show this.  We have a search form with several different fields that can be data range, ...

AppDynamics Analytics #@ SRE

Hi    I would like to create a search inside of analytics to get the ratio of:   Total HTTP 200 requests / Total requests   Who can tell me - how the search string should look like? I see currently the "requestExperience" or "userExperience" with the...

Application Performance Ratio Apdex Index

Hi  I would like to setup a query to reflect the ApDex Index of an application performance.,measured%20performance%20meets%20user%20expectations. i am not abl...