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ADQL query for work hours only

Hi, This is not quite an unusual issue:I want to do an ADQL query, but limit it to business hours (or rather, in this case, 8 am to 8 pm), as the traffic pattern shifts dramatically in the off-hours. The idea would be to have that query run so I coul...

Creating a midnight to midnight time segment

Hi There I am trying to create day "buckets" to count the number of Completed vs Uncompleted in a  business Journey.I am using the following ADQL query which creates the correct 24h buckets however I cannot use the custom time range as it uses specif...

DudleyWood_0-1637821541530.png DudleyWood_1-1637821735822.png DudleyWood_2-1637821893226.png

funnel widget and Business Journey

Hi All   I have already learned to do Funnel and Business Journey. My application is created using NodeJS. My question, 1. is it possible that I can create a funnel using only the business transaction name as a unique ID without any other unique ID. ...

Prometheus Monitoring Extension

I am trying "Prometheus Monitoring Extension" and facing FetchError.  FetchError: request to failed, reason: connect ETIMEDOUT Prometheus Monitoring Extension L...

Resolved! Analytical ADQL query

I am looking for an analytical query to fetch list of URLs from browser records that does not match a pagename  with http and without http and with partial URL segments... example : select * from browser records where pagename is not in ("", "...