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ADQL query for work hours only



This is not quite an unusual issue:
I want to do an ADQL query, but limit it to business hours (or rather, in this case, 8 am to 8 pm), as the traffic pattern shifts dramatically in the off-hours. 

The idea would be to have that query run so I could ADQL query metrics for (for example) end-user response time for 8 am to 8 pm every day for the past week.

I've tried where "timestamp between ", but that requires a full date to be set (including the day).


How can I do this?


You probably need to script this. 

Using REST API, retrieve your metric for Monday 8am-8m, then Tuesday etc.

Aggregate the results to get your weekly value.

To make your life more simple you might want to run this job every day at 8pm and specify a 12 hours time window with the time-range-type=BEFORE_NOW&duration-in-mins=720.

However, to get a precise answer you will need to specify the start and end time stamps. Note that AFAIK the event server wants timestamps in UTC timezone.


SELECT metrics.enduserresponsetime from browser_records where eventTimestamp >= '2022-05-05T08:00:00.000Z' and  eventTimestamp <= '2022-05-05T19:59:59.999Z'