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ADQL showing null rows even when IS NOT NULL is applied


I have an ADQL that is trying to count the number of times a Customer is viewed. I have a data collector to add this data to Transactions.

Here is the query:





SELECT segments.userData.CustomerName, segments.userData.CustomerNumber, segments.userData.Agreement, count(segments.userData.CustomerName) FROM transactions WHERE application = "TruckCare-CustomerProfile" AND segments.userData.CustomerName IS NOT NULL




But even with the WHERE clause 'CustomerName IS NOT NULL' There is still a line showing up with all nulls. I know there are Transactions that don't have CustomerName, CustomerNumber, or Agreement on them but I am expecting the 'IS NOT NULL' to filter those out.




Any help much appreciated





Hi there


You need to explicitly set the data types per field for this not to occur:)


I just used string for all your fields in your query, however if some are Integers etc., you can update it accordingly


SELECT toString(segments.userData.CustomerName), toString(segments.userData.CustomerNumber), toString(segments.userData.Agreement), count(segments.userData.CustomerName) FROM transactions WHERE toString(application) = "TruckCare-CustomerProfile" AND toString(segments.userData.CustomerName) IS NOT NULL

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