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Share your favorite AppDynamics tips!

Welcome to our new tip collection—a place to exchange peer-to-peer advice. Sometimes a small adjustment, a pivot, or slight revision can make a tremendous difference. We hope this area grows into a rich resource with this kind of useful information. ...

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Business Transaction overflow per Tier

By default, the number of BTs is set to 200 BTs per application and 50 BTs per agent. After the first 50 agents per agent are registered, additional BTs discovered from traffic will flow to a virtual business transaction named All Other Traffic - tie...

Use Baseline Shading for Alerting

When you are looking to use standard deviations from baseline for alert thresholds, you can use Baseline Shading to see if a recent spike or sustained level would alert or not.  The point is to make sure that your alerts are actionable and reduce noi...

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Rob.Hewitt by AppDynamics Team
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Create deployments events within AppDynamics

Create deployment events within AppDynamics to allow you to review behavior changes over time. It’s not always obvious when performance changes.  Being able to work through it backwards via data to a specific release, where you can subsequently use V...

Green isn't always good

Before instrumenting an application with AppDynamics and reviewing the flow map, be sure you know what your performance metrics should be for the business transactions you are monitoring. AppDynamics will track each transaction and learn what normal ...

Joe.Byrne by AppDynamics Team
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View the Standard Deviation of any metric

To view the Standard Deviation that AppDynamics has calculated for any metric, all you need to do is: 1. Open the metric you are interested in within the Metric Browser and, from the top right menu, select a Baseline to view:  2. Once selected, a new...

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Quick Right-Click to monitor suspicious bites of code

When investigating application issues, often-times certain parts of a Snapshot's Call Graph can look a little suspicious.    "Does that class always time that long?" "Is that Async Activity happening at the same time we're seeing messaging loads incr...

Fantastic Dashboards

Here are 21 beautiful dashboards for executive, operation, and development audiences. After extracting the zip file, go to Dashboards & Reports in your Controller and Import a JSON file. Ignore the Import warnings and map the dashboard widgets to you...