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Fantastic Dashboards


Here are 21 beautiful dashboards for executive, operation, and development audiences. After extracting the zip file, go to Dashboards & Reports in your Controller and Import a JSON file. Ignore the Import warnings and map the dashboard widgets to your metrics. Feel free to rename the text, build and import your .SVG images (e.g., using Boxy SVG and Base64 Image Encoder).

Download the Zip file attached to this post and unzip it. You can import the JSON file to your Controller. When editing any of the dashboard widgets, simply bypass the error messages and re-map them to your metrics. You can customize these dashboards to your needs. Let me know if you have any questions.

Zip file updated 4/15/24


AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Wow, these are great! Check out the list of files included in


  • Biz_Layers.json
  • BookOfBusiness.json
  • BTList.json
  • BusinessOverlay_TornPaper.json
  • Compare_Release.json
  • DevOps+Executive+Dashboard.json
  • E-Commerce+Sales+Performance.json
  • EComBusinessOverlay.json
  • eCommerce_3Columns_dark.json
  • Ecommerce_Ribbons.json
  • NOC Dashboard.json
  • OfficeBuilding.json
  • Release+Analytics.json
  • Server Infrastructure.json
  • Tech Biz Layers…json
  • TechStack+-+4-1.json
  • TechStack+-+4-2.json
  • TechStack.json
  • TornPaper.json
  • User_Flow+-+TEMPLATE.json
  • WorldMap.json

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Thanks for these fabulous designs and dashboards!


Thanks, these are very useful!


Hello Rob I can't download the ZIP file so please grant an access or check the availability of the file.

 Download permission set to viewers can't download. 

Community Manager

Hi @Fawzy.Tolba,

Thanks for letting us know. We have removed the link and are using a downloadable file now. Please download the file and unzip to access all the files. Let me know if there are any issues.


Ryan, Cisco AppDynamics Community Manager

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These are all definitely "fantastic!" Deploying a proof of concept, possible to edit base layer svg elements? Import and remapping pretty straightforward, however, still wondering about building/editing the SVG portions. Example: "User Experience" or "E-Commerce" or "Application Server Clusters," in a few of them?

Thank you Arby. The .SVG graphics were built with an open source tool called Boxy ( Send me an email at and I can show you one of these .SVG files from the tech stack dashboard

I tryiend to import them but got a "Dashboard version not supported"

Hi Marco: These dashboards are for custom dashboards built with the legacy (not Dash Studio) Dashboard. Was there a particular dashboard you were trying to import? I will email you a revised set of Dashboard JSON files and a presentation of dashboards that are available.