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Share your favorite AppDynamics tips!

Welcome to our new tip collection—a place to exchange peer-to-peer advice. Sometimes a small adjustment, a pivot, or slight revision can make a tremendous difference. We hope this area grows into a rich resource with this kind of useful information. ...

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Organize Business Transactions

When it comes to understanding what you're bringing into AppDynamics, it will help to organize those inputs to get the right kind of output. Organizing business transactions ensures that you are monitoring the most critical transactions appropriately...

Lock Down Business Transactions

Locking down your business transactions helps preserve the number of first-class business transactions listed, ensuring only those that are most important to the business are readily available for monitoring.    In this video, you will get a great ti...

Reduce Alert Clutter for Synthetic API Monitoring

Receiving a barrage of alerts that turn out to be false alarms triggered by one-off performance issues? Learn how to cut the noise and concentrate on solving persistent API performance issues that impact your customers. In this video, you will get a ...

Identify the most expensive method calls and SQL statements

Have a number of snapshots from the same business transaction? Every wonder if there are performance issue similarities? Take a look at this short video featured on The Full-Stack Monthly newsletter. sharing how to uncover troublesome method calls, a...

Measuring cluster performance within a tier

Unsure how to measure the performance of individual clusters that make up a similar business transaction shared within the same tier?   Check out this short video featured on The Full-Stack Monthly newsletter to get a better idea and please take a lo...

AppDynamics Customer Resources

    Video tips on where AppD customers can go to get information and help, created as part of the monthly product video series   Check out the details in A guide to AppDynamics help resources here in the Community Knowledge Base.   Want to stay up t...

How to check SaaS controller IP range

Users of SaaS controller can check the IP range of SaaS controller by themselves. In some closed environments, it may be necessary to whitelist the IP addresses to access SaaS controller.   1. Go to controller and press "My AppDynamics Account" or go...

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Hiroki.Ito by AppDynamics Team
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AWS Lambda Serverless Instrumentation

Fly through instrumenting serverless AWS Lambda functions using the AppDynamics Lambda Extension for Node.JS and Python and an API for Java.   Check out this short video featured on The Full-Stack Monthly newsletter to get you inspired and read up m...