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How to resolve “No data Available” for metric expression in custom dashboard.

Nawaz Ali.Mohammad
AppDynamics Team

In a custom dashboard if you insert a widget with metric expression and have at least one one variable with the no data; the widget will display “No data Available”.

Let us consider you want to add metrics “Calls per Minute” and “Errors per Minute” of a Business Transaction in the metric expression. The Time Range that is set is “Last 30 minutes”.Let us assume that there are no errors that has been reported for that BT and there have been multiple calls per minute for that BT. 
Ideally in this scenario widget should display values for calls per minute metric, but we see that the widget shows “No data Available”.


To overcome this issue, we need to set the com.appdynamics.metric.query.metricexpressions.tolerateNull flag to True in ControllerFlagServlet.


SaaS Environment:
If you are using a SaaS controller please reach out to AppDynamics support to enable this flag.


On-Prem Environment:
1. Login to <controllerURL>/controller/private/ControllerFlagsServlet
2. Use root@system and controller root password for login
3. Look for metricexpressions.tolerateNull field and set it to ‘true’
4. Hit Submit button.